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Software as a Service is a fast growing part of any enterprise IT portfolio. CIO’s are challenging their teams to find SaaS offerings in every non-core area of the business. Identity management and security is the single area where IT spending remained constant (and for most large enterprises increased by 10-25%) in 2008-2009.

With Simeio Solutions Identity as a Service, we host a majority of the IAM components using our DirectAxs cloud computing platform, while each client selects the specific services to ride on top of that platform to meet their particular needs. This approach also provides shortened delivery cycles and reduced resource requirements.

Simeio Solutions is the only vendor offering modularized identity as a cloud-based solution for:

  • Identity lifecycle management (provisioning/de-provisioning, etc.)
  • Role lifecycle management (role engineering, role governance, role modeling, integration with provisioning systems)
  • Access certification (attestation and automated remediation of access)
  • IT-GRC (dashboarding metrics and monitoring of SLA’s for current policies applicable within the IT environment)
  • Web single sign-in (SSO for internal/external applications, including Google Apps and
Access Management

Striking the perfect balance between granting required access to users and ensuring that associated risks are mitigated is critically important, yet often difficult to achieve, labor intensive, tedious, time consuming and prone to error.

Moreover, with stringent regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, MAR, SAS-70, GLB, PCI and others, it has become imperative for organizations to automate access certifications to have clear answers to fundamental security-related questions.


Access Request
The Access Request solution allows you to move your access requests from paper forms to a seamlessly integrated part of the identity management processes in your environment using DirectAxs.


Identity Administration
DirectAxs is built on top of identity management solutions and best of breed process workflows gained from thousands of man-hours of consulting experience at Fortune 500 companies. Effective identity administration includes specific considerations such as user provisioning and password resetting. In addition, our solution provides the most comprehensive Hire-Pay-Fire processes in an SaaS offering.


Risk & Intelligence
Small, medium and large enterprises are now investing most of their security efforts in major identity and access management projects in order to make their business practices stronger and safer. DirectAxs provides a best of breed and comprehensive GRC solution. You can define your policy and control mappings, choose your risk framework and build customized dashboards, all over the cloud.

Our on-demand GRC Cloud takes the burden off your internal personnel and gives them time to concentrate on other aspects of IT. No other solutions provider offers integrated policy management, control testing, risk assessment and vendor risk management.


Role & Access Governance
One of the key challenges in implementing a roles project is to define a complete and correct set of roles. Building roles through role mining tools is easy, but developing a role with deep analysis and the right approach are the key factors for an effective role development process. Important considerations include role engineering, role management, access re-certification and identity auditing.

A fully tested approach and wave methodology have helped our customers carry out the role definition and role management process in a sophisticated and highly usable way. Our Role Manager solution is deployed in the cloud and made available as a multi-tenant SaaS offering. Our compliance cloud and roles cloud engineering and management modules are also powerful tools.