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By Simeio Solutions

Automation Smooths Workforce Onboarding 

This week we bring you another informative Coffee Talk session. Last Wednesday’s topic was “Onboarding workforce. The session hosts were Christie Pugh, Analyst Relations at Simeio, and Michael Bickford, Director, Solutions and Advisory at Simeio. Here are some session highlights. 

What challenges do employees face during the onboarding process?  

When employees or contractors start their new positions, they hope for a smooth beginning. Often times, employers notify new employees to bring in very specific documentation for the onboarding process, so they can get validated for access to various accounts, systems, and applications. If the employer request misses something, then the employee onboarding process will be delayed, and the employee will remain in access limbo until clarified. 

What does the employer need to be concerned about when onboarding an employee or contractor? 

The employer has the responsibility to validate the identity of the employee or contractor. However, to accomplish this, many organizations need the employee to be there in-person. We all know that’s a challenge today, as most of the workforce is remote. In the U.S, employers need employees to complete I-9 forms and other information. There are many IAM tools available to conduct identity proofing for verification. It’s important to have employees and contractors productive from day one. They need their laptops, phones, and badges shipped to correct addresses, and password security questions need to be answered. Hopefully, all that takes not more than an hour. Rather than doing all this manually, there are identity and ticketing tools that can automate this process before the employee even begins. For example, there are HR applications with triggers that automate the workflow for many of these functions.  

What can be done to enable smooth onboarding, and what are the ideal IAM capabilities? 

Using IAM tools to automate the onboarding processes is the ideal way today. This can include remote identity proofing, validation, and the workflow to automate everything the employee or contractor needs, either at home or in the office. This may also include sending them links to online training programs. This can be done even before their first day on the job.   

Do privacy laws hinder the onboarding process? 

Privacy laws are there to protect the employee’s information, and yes, they can inhibit the onboarding process. But if the organization has the right technology, they can automate much of this, to avoid complications. If employees are working within states that have privacy laws, like California’s CCPA, and the Shield Act in New York, employers must take additional steps to ensure their information is secure, and have the proper processes in place to restrict access to that information. This requires the appropriate controls and technology be in place to protect employees. There are notifications, that let employees know what is being done with their data, and how the employer uses the data.  

The actions taken around the privacy of employee or contractor data go back to IAM. Within the identity business, we talk in terms of the means by which someone takes action with the data. The custodian for this is IAM, with core services that facilitate how someone gains access to the data. IAM provides the controls for the means by which action is taken or given access.   

What are some of the new technology trends for onboarding automation? 

There are many IAM tools that facilitate automated onboarding, from companies like Okta, Ping, and others. Simeio, for example, has its Identity Orchestrator, that conducts identity proofing. There are many technology options for assisting employees and contractors in gaining their credentials, to help ease the onboarding process. This is an area where Simeio can help organizations understand what onboarding tools are in place today, and how we can help make the onboarding process smoother, to springboard employee and contractor productivity. 

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