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By Simeio Solutions

These Are the Biggest Cyber Threats Your Company Will Face in 2019

More than half of American companies have experienced a cyber attack that took an average of 68.9 days to solve. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing in response to new threats, which are on a steady rise. But both new and old cybersecurity risks threaten your operations and your profits. If you’re a business owner, the best way […]

By Michael Harvell

How to Avoid a Data Breach Through Effective Privileged User Management

Avoid a Data Breach Through Privileged User Management According to a study by Forester, up to 80 percent of data breaches are attributed to misuse or abuse of privileged credentials. This is because many organizations tend to overlook the importance of managing and securing their super accounts or administrator accounts. Like other users and typical IT workers, […]

By Tim Jester

7 Reasons Why Identity Administration is Your Best Protection

Thinking about investing in identity administration services? Read on for 7 reasons why identity administration is your best protection online. Companies today have more IT concerns than ever before. Nearly every employee at most firms needs some kind of user account and data access. The real problem becomes how you manage to create these accounts […]

By Tim Jester

5 Threats to Cloud Security (and the Cloud Security Strategies That’ll Keep Your Data Safe)

Cloud computing is a vital development that is central to our technology-focused future. But lax cloud security strategies can bring entire systems to their knees. The cloud has already proved to be a transformative technology across many sectors, and its influence is spreading quickly. This means that the need to know how to protect cloud-based data […]

access governance

By Tim Jester

Access Governance: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

“Where should I put this big box of sensitive and business-critical documents? I’ll just leave them in the middle of the office for everyone to look at while I pop out. Should be fine.” Words you’d never hear in an office block. Any sensible manager knows that it’s not just about the risk of office theft, […]

federated access

By Tim Jester

Frequently Asked Questions About Federated Access

Companies leverage countless digital solutions to empower their business users. But managing several access points and credentials is risky and cumbersome. Leverage federated access to prevent your teams from falling behind. Even small businesses use countless software and services. Maintaining stability in these areas is critical to a capable enterprise. Dozens of passwords per user leads to […]

security solutions

By Tim Jester

Are You Investing Enough on Security Solutions?

When Target got hit with a $1 billion cybersecurity issue last year, they had about $100 million in cyber insurance. That means that even a major corporation like Target had grossly underestimated the level of cyber insurance they needed. They’re not alone in incorrectly assessing the importance of adequate security solutions. A data breach for your […]

security breach

By Tim Jester

Dealing with a Security Breach? Here’s What You Should Do!

The damage of going through a security breach can be massive and devastating to your organization. It just might be the worst thing your company will ever have to deal with. There is no silver lining to a hack of your systems, but there are actions you can take to mitigate the damage and prevent […]