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By Rohith Nair

Ransomware is Lurking Within, to Extort and Hold Your Data Hostage

The cyber threat landscape is continuously changing, and growing in complexity and numbers. Ransomware is a top cyber threat that every business must contain. To accomplish this requires a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.  A lack of cohesive protective technologies, procedures, processes and user awareness, will lead to unintended consequences. If your company should fall victim to […]

By Siddharth Gandhi

Keeping Your Cybersecurity Hygiene Intact, in the Wake of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is having a major global impact, infecting tens of thousands, with increasing fatalities. We can debate whether or not the media and politicians are over-playing it. But the fact is, it should have us all concerned, prepared, and taking appropriate action to protect our businesses. More companies are choosing to not attend in-person […]

By Shawn Keve

IDaaS Underpins PCI DSS Requirement 8 Compliance – Part 3

PCI compliance matters when managing identity and access for remote third-party service providers. This is the third article in an ongoing series on PCI DSS Requirement 8 compliance. In a nutshell, PCI Requirement 8 is about identifying and authenticating all users to protect data and systems. When you can identify every user, you can control […]

By Gaurav Ranjit

Improving Workforce Engagement in a Post M&A Environment

In the last decade, there has been an uptick in the volume of global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and some of the factors attributed to this rise are as follows: the increasing value of the dollar improving economies of scale rapidly changing industries and digitalization need for expansion and diversification of the business portfolio complement […]

By Balraj Dhillon

Building a digital health framework that focuses on trust.

Healthcare organizations across North America are in the midst of a digital shift that is set to change the way care is provided. This shift will empower patients with more digital health tools and improve patient outcomes. We’re seeing an increasing number of healthcare providers move towards patient-focused applications (e.g. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Chatbots) […]

By Michael Harvell

Identity Management (IAM) – External

Today we will focus on considerations as they relate to External Identity Management (IAM). External IdM is simply the identity management systems, policies, and practices an organization follows to grant access to external users of their systems and many times other organizations such as suppliers, vendors, etc. Internal employees could also include contractors performing work […]

By Michael Harvell

Identity Management (IdM) – Internal

As we continue to discuss Identity Management (IdM) this blog will focus on Internal IdM. Internal IdM is simply the identity management systems, policies, and practices an organization follows to grant access to their internal employees. Internal employees could also include contractors performing work for the organization. It is almost impossible when talking about Internal […]