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By Vikram Subramanian

“Identity” is the New Security Perimeter for Modern Enterprises

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and this year’s overarching message — Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.— certainly applies to our network perimeters. Enterprise security perimeters are being redefined, as perimeter-based demarcations and defenses are being dismantled by digital transformation, cloud, mobility, and IoT. These factors are creating unprecedented challenges for IT and […]

By Gaurav Ranjit

Improving Workforce Engagement in a Post M&A Environment

In the last decade, there has been an uptick in the volume of global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and some of the factors attributed to this rise are as follows: the increasing value of the dollar improving economies of scale rapidly changing industries and digitalization need for expansion and diversification of the business portfolio complement […]

By Balraj Dhillon

Building a digital health framework that focuses on trust.

Healthcare organizations across North America are in the midst of a digital shift that is set to change the way care is provided. This shift will empower patients with more digital health tools and improve patient outcomes. We’re seeing an increasing number of healthcare providers move towards patient-focused applications (e.g. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Chatbots) […]

By Shawn Keve

Zero Trust Security: Everything You Need to Know

You can’t afford to fall short with your cybersecurity. Cybercrime is on the rise. It’s thought that 33 billion data records will be compromised by cyber criminals by 2023. There were 12 billion this year. That’s a 175% rise in data breaches over the next 5 years. Oh, and cybercrime’s expected to cost $6 trillion to combat by 2021. […]

By Sean Rogers

Why digital transformations fail – it’s messy.

The year has come to a close more quickly than I would like and I find myself reflecting on the digital transformation projects I’ve been involved with over the past 12 months. This definitely was the year of digital transformation. It was everywhere – in the blogs, the IT press and on everyone’s lips. Tell […]

By Srikanth Rajan PMP, MSTM

Top 8 questions to ask before choosing your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Vendor

1. Does the vendor have the track record and scalability your organization requires?In a world where several big and small, service / product based companies are competing to get a piece of action in Identity and Access Management space, companies who have been around for a decade or so clearly have an edge in terms […]

By Jayne Hallock

Countdown to Compliance Part 4: GDPR Enforcement and Penalties

Note: This is the fourth of an ongoing series on GDPR. We’ll be preparing you all the way to May 2018 on topics like: Privacy Protection and Breach Notification, GDPR Compliance Strategies, GDPR Enforcement and Penalities, Potential GDPR Costs, GDPR Auditing and more. Subscribe using the button on the right and you’ll be updated when we post a […]

By Christina Czeschik

‘Tis the season (for identity theft)

A friendly holiday reminder: Time to ho – ho – hold tight to your identity. Hackers know that many of us are in online shopping-frenzy mode, submitting our payment card information over and over, sometimes several times a week. And they are poised to take advantage of this increased activity.   Consumers are at risk of losing more […]

By Christina Czeschik

Diversity in IAM: It takes all kinds

In almost every cliché, there’s a grain of truth. Let’s take, for example, the cliché of the cybersecurity professional: A 20- or 30-something male wearing a hoodie and a T-shirt bearing an obscure programming joke. One whose social interaction is mostly limited to eye-rolling behind users’ backs whenever they have committed yet another security blunder. Of […]

By Christina Czeschik

Winning The Talent War: Finding IAM Pros

Let’s face it: the phrase “Identity Administration and Government” does not send sexy shivers down the spine of the new university graduate. It doesn’t initially sound like the fast-lane to money, power and a corner office. In fact, to the aspiring white-hat hacker, it evokes the dreaded notion of working nine-to-five, in a fluorescent office, […]

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