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We make access easy for your employees, and impossible for hackers.

When it comes to what your business can do in the cloud, the sky’s the limit. It can include employee access to applications, interoffice communication, purchase transactions and data transfers. It’s also a breeding ground for security breaches with employee accounts and other essential business information. Simeio protects your critical cloud infrastructure with solutions to detect IT.

We automate cloud security administration such as SaaS identity administration and SaaS configuration monitoring. We even offer real-time cloud threat intelligence and integration with your identity management solutions. Simeio does all this because doing business in the cloud is a good thing for your company, and we want to keep it that way.

“We RFP'ed to five different vendors, and we asked them to provide traditional, hosted, and SaaS based solutions. In the end we felt the Simeio SaaS (hosted) solution was going to have a higher chance of success and a lower cost of failure.”