Simeio Solutions Monthly Newsletter June 2013

Simeio Partner Series on the Oracle Identity Management Blog

Chapter 1: The Cloud-based IAM Revolution

In just a few short years, cloud-based IAM has matured from simple portals tying together a handful of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications with single sign-on (SSO) to sophisticated, comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly with virtually any application or directory service. Naynesh Patel and Paul Dhanjal of Simeio Solutions talk about what is driving IAM to the cloud and the benefits cloud-based implementations can bring.


This is the first chapter in a 4-part series by Simeio Solutions on Oracle's ID Management blog. Join us every Tuesday in June as we discuss identity administration, internal and external identities, and identity hubs and exchanges in our cloud-based IAM blog series.

CA Technologies/Simeio Solutions Webinar on Mobile Authentication

CA Webinar with Simeio Solutions How difficult is it to secure mobile applications? With CA SiteMinder, not at all. In this 30 minute webinar, Ed Pascua of Simeio Solutions and Aaron Berman of CA Technologies will walk you through a real-world example. You'll see how Simeio used CA SiteMinder right out-of-box with no VPN required, implemented cookie-less session management and an in-memory session store, and delivered centralized control, planning and auditing, all in record time.

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ForgeRock's Open Identity Summit

Join Us at ForgeRock Open Identity Summit
June 12-14, 2013, Pacific Rock, CA

ForgeRock's Open Identity Stack Summit explores cutting-edge ideas, current challenges as well as future technologies that are shaping today's and tomorrow's enterprise, social, mobile and cloud applications. We'll be there discussing OpenAM deployments and best practices that demonstrate next gen IAM and the value it brings to the business through new revenue models, better customer satisfaction and improved efficiencies.

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European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) Wrap Up

EIC Panel with Simeio Solutions

Simeio Solutions recently participated in the 7th annual European Identity & Cloud Conference, held in Munich/Germany where we were invited to exhibit and participate in panel discussions and community sessions. With a record number of 600 industry professionals including a wide range of though leaders, experts, officers, project managers across Europe, EIC 2013 was a great success. Shawn Keve and Abhi Yadav had the opportunity to speak on stage on the topics of "Access Intelligence, the new standard feature of Access Governance?" and "Extending your existing IAM to the Cloud: Leverage your Investments."

The conference offered sessions focused on several very timely key topics:
  • Seamless & Secure Cloud: Implementing Information Security as a Key Component of your Cloud Strategy
  • Access Governance: Building the Foundation for the audit-proof organization
  • The Future of Cloud Identity
The event included round-table discussions, deep dive workshops, and presented the opportunity to meet face-to-face with hundreds of experts to exchange ideas, and to identify new areas of collaboration. The overall message was clear. We saw great interest in Cloud IAM services and heard several focused discussions about consumer-oriented IAM and the related business value. EIC, with it's specialized tracks on Cloud-based IAM services, offered yet more proof that this shift is gaining momentum across the globe.

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