Simeio Solutions Monthly Newsletter March 2014
Simeio to the Rescue: Implementing a Ready-for-Use IDM Solution
Simeio to the Rescue:
Implementing a Ready-for-Use IDM Solution

A leading global securities services provider clearing over 16 million trades each day on 85 exchanges around the world had a problem. A critical component of its identity and access management infrastructure handling customer access had reached end of life.

The firm turned to Simeio for help assessing replacement options. After a thorough review of its current state, we helped define requirements and analyze potential solutions, which lead to the selection of an Identity Management solution having its root start as an open source product. We then helped the firm to implement this solution and to integrate it with existing processes, workflows and systems.

Learn how we successfully coordinated with the client across regions and time zones to deliver this project in a remarkably tight time frame.

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London Fog

Gartner Summits The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in London has come and gone, but there was a great deal to learn at the event, with several presentations of case studies and a fascinating discussion about the future of identity management. Specifically, BalaBit IT Security shook up the world of human vs. infrastructure identity risk management by comparing the actual instance of error with budget allocation. The presentation outlined that 84% of IT Security related losses are caused by human error a shockingly high number. Even more concerning, current budgets average an allocation of 55% to manage the risk of human error, with the other 45% going towards infrastructure risk management. The presentation was full of useful information and should cause a reassessment of budgets world-wide.

Key Takeaways from RSA 2014

RSA Conference 2014 Another must-attend event was the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco. The Edward Snowden controversy was the hot topic, highlighting the need for companies to rebuild trust with customers and partners by increasing security awareness. There was a recognition that the days when firewalls alone could protect your business were long gone. Cloud computing, mobile devices and mobile workforces are driving the need for solutions that are flexible enough to provide fast and easy access while powerful enough to give you the visibility required to maintain security.

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