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RESTful OIM: Exposing Oracle Identity Manager via REST APIs
RESTed Development

In recent years, more and more applications and web services have adopted RESTful APIs as the standard way of building loosely coupled, scalable, efficient and distributed systems, and Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) is no exception. In this white paper, “RESTful OIM: Exposing Oracle Identity Manager via REST APIs,” we’ll take a deep dive into these powerful yet easy-to-use APIs that allow Java developers to take advantage of information and services around identity, including roles, accounts and entitlements.

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Going Mobile

POssO As an identity administrator, you’re often called upon to provision users with secure, anywhere, anytime access via various locations. The irony is that you needed to be onsite to do it – that is, until now. POssO adds the much desired remote management feature to your corporate identity management infrastructure, enabling you to achieve better efficiency and accessibility in your organization.

Features include:
- Identity creation
- Identity management
- Identity search
- Password management
- Role management
- Policy management
- Session management
- Cisco VPN Client Support

You can manage your corporate profile remotely, adding flexibility to your schedule. It will revolutionize the way you manage your corporate identity management infrastructure, with extremely simple in-app configuration with SSL v3 support. The application also has native Cisco VPN client support, and a *nix style in-app Who Am I interface which will enable you to not just validate your own identity, but also ensure access control for administration features are run by the appropriate identity. Enhanced role management functionality allows you to manage existing roles, assign users/identities to roles, delete roles, and edit roles right from your phone which dynamically get applied in real-time across your enterprise, thus enabling you to perform remote Role Based Access Control (RBAC) tasks directly from your mobile device.

There are also core administration functionalities embedded in the application, an extremely helpful and beneficial tool for administrators, helpdesk and support teams. The Identity Search Feature enables you to quickly drilldown and find the appropriate identity, whose account you can then manage. Simeio’s POssO iPhone app lets you manage OpenAM-based infrastructures remotely, including the Simeio Business-Ready IAM Cloud. Search, create and manage identities, reset passwords, manage roles, administer policies, and more.

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Pack Your Bags for EIC

EIC Conference 2014

Join us in Munich May 13-16 as Simeio helps sponsor the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014. It’s the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, innovative, privacy-aware and business-driven IT.

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