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Simeio Press Release: Simeio Positioned as Strong Niche Provider in Latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for IDaaS Worldwide
Simeio Positioned Furthest for Execution and Vision in Niche Players Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IDaaS, Worldwide

In its June 2016 Magic Quadrant, Gartner has positioned Simeio in the Niche Quadrant of the Identity and Access Management as a Service segment. The Magic Quadrant rates vendors on their ability to be global, general-purpose Identity and Access Management (IAM) service providers for multiple use cases, including different types of workforce, B2C and B2B scenarios.

Gartner states, “vendors delivering deeper functionality for identity governance and administration (IGA) and legacy application support, including niche vendors, may be best for IAM leaders' needs.”

"We are very pleased to be recognized as a full stack provider," said Abhimanyu Yadav, Vice President of Product Management at Simeio Solutions. "Amongst other things, the analyst report notes that Simeio's IDaaS platform provides an arsenal of products that delivers deep functional support for web and legacy applications."

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Putting the “Service” in “Identity as a Service”

You wouldn't think a simple word like “service” could have people scratching their heads. And yet there's one use in particular that seems to be creating some confusion: it's the meaning of “service” in the term “Identity as a Service” (IDaaS).

In this blog, Simeio Vice President of Product Management Abhimanyu Yadav explores the various meanings of “service” that are being used across the full spectrum of IDaaS providers. Some providers host Identity and Access Management services, but require that you operate and manage them. Others call themselves IDaaS providers, but offer only a limited set of capabilities.

Abhi then explains what sets Simeio apart as the leading provider of Managed Identity Services – the only true full-service provider – offering the industry's most complete set of security and identity capabilities as a managed service. He concludes by offering seven key questions to ask any IDaaS provider you may be considering to better understand what “service” means to them.

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Limiting Vendor Risk, Step 4

In this, the final chapter in his five-part series on limiting the risk vendors pose to your core infrastructure and critical data, Simeio Senior Advisor Robert Streets takes a deeper dive into step 4: Ensure Access to Your IT Environment is Protected Using All Means Necessary.

Rob starts by covering the four essential layers of protection any organization should have to protect its network perimeter. But then he explains why these steps alone aren't sufficient. There are still two threats that you must consider: a sophisticated hacker who exploits a zero-day vulnerability or who obtains someone's legitimate credentials to penetrate the perimeter, and the “internal threat” – often a disgruntled or malicious employee, vendor or business partner who has been given access inside the perimeter.

To help combat these threats, Rob describes four additional layers of protection that you should add.

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