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If an employee leaves, their access to company accounts stays behind.

It’s the natural lifecycle of an employee: they are hired, they get promoted, they change departments and some even leave. But when a worker’s role evolves, is their access to your company’s information evolving with them?

The same goes for your customers. Their logins, their user experience, their security is every bit as important to you as your internal employee access.

With Simeio Identity Administration, we eliminate those concerns by managing the end-to-end identity management lifecycle for employees, partners, customers and devices. This includes account requests, approval workflows, automated provisioning, self-service, password resets and access termination. The ultimate benefit? When an employee leaves, their access to your business data doesn’t walk out the door with them.

“We had a vision where our internal people could have one stop shopping for their access when they join. And when they leave that access will be removed in a timely manner. We couldn’t have done this without Simeio.”