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With our IAM solutions, executives at a major hotel chain and their customers could sleep a little better at night.

Simeio services were suited perfectly for a major hotel chain providing travelers a place to rest, relax and leave their worries behind. The security their customers felt was the same security the hotel chain needed with designing and building an IAM single sign-on (SSO) solution for millions of reward members. What the hotel chain found in Simeio was a consultative partner who listened first so the right solution could be developed and built. It eliminated guesswork, delays and ensured that after implementation the SSO was secure, functioned as designed and removed any worries so that everyone could sleep better at night.

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Key Solutions Implemented:

Security & Risk Intelligence

We successfully deploy and maintain security and behavioral analytics that require continuous risk monitoring.

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Access Management & Federation

We provide secure authentication and a seamless SSO to any on-premise application, cloud application or network resource.

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