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By Vipin Jain

This month, SC Media reviewed several identity and access management solutions. It just happened that the review occurred at the peak time COVID-19 brought on a worldwide shift to working from home. An area that is a sweet spot for IAM. 

If you’re not familiar with SC Media, they have a 30-year history of imparting industry guidance and insight, in-depth features and news, and independent product reviews, for information security executives and their technical teams. SC Media equips them to take on myriad security challenges, and establish risk management and compliance postures that support their business strategies. 

So, let’s get to the review. Simeio Identity Orchestrator 7.0 received a rating of 4.75 out of 5. The categories evaluated included, features, value for money, support, documentation, performance, and ease of use. 

Product Review Key Highlights:

  • “The scalable, easy-to-use interface manages identities, simplifies complex operations, and supports multi-vendor environments.”
  • “One of our favorite features is the user-friendly method of requesting application access. We liken it to online shopping.”
  • “There are extensive configurations throughout the entire platform that enable organizations to tailor this solution to meet their precise needs.”
  • “Simeio Identity Orchestrator is an extensible, standards-based platform that improves the identity and access management experience through automation.”
  • “Identity Orchestrator makes good financial sense since it easily integrates with other identity and access management solutions, complements and leverages existing investments, and reduces the amount of organizational change management.”
  • “The seamless orchestration layer supports multiple, backend technology platforms. Therefore, organizations looking to add additional IAM solutions to another identity and access management solution may do so, without needing to retrain end-users.”

My take on the SC product review

The review captured the essence of why we created Simeio Identity Orchestrator. It reaffirms that we got it right, by delivering simplicity, user-friendly management, extensibility, and cost-effectiveness.  

Simeio IO is a complete IAM solution, that doesn’t require admins to learn multiple, disparate systems, versions, and interfaces. It provides a single unified web interface, with easy-to-use dashboards and workflows for managing identities and access privileges. It confirms our goal was met, in simplifying the complexity of managing user accounts, access requests, and certifications, password resets, application onboarding, role and compliance, privileged access, and data exfiltration and loss prevention.

The SC IAM product review validates the Simeio IO user-friendly design, in that it doesn’t replace IAM systems – it simplifies the way they’re managed. It makes it easier and less costly to support IAM, security, on-prem and SaaS applications from multiple vendors, and to freely add or change versions or different vendors – including “as a service” solutions. Simeio IO delivers on all of this, without having to change how identities, access privileges, and monitoring and auditing their usage, are managed.

We made Simeio Identity Orchestrator suit enterprise and customer identity use cases to meet the needs of any organization. Lastly, Simeio IO extensibility provides a single, consistent, and holistic view of an organization’s entire infrastructure, including IAM, IGA, PAM, and security, with applications and systems on-premise, and in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.