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By Simeio

Simeio Measures Success Through Customer Satisfaction

Every business must win satisfied and loyal customers to achieve success and remain successful over time. The most satisfied customers are those who will recommend a product or service to others. Not only is this a measurement of success, it has always been, and always will be, the most efficient and effective way to grow new business. Customer word of mouth and recommendations are invaluable, and something money just can’t buy.

This is why Simeio has put so much time, effort, and resources into creating the best IAM products and services. We consistently emphasize “quality of experience” within our solutions, and have best-in-class customer service. We work with our customers to prioritize a frictionless user experience for their businesses.  

One method we use to measure customer satisfaction is through Net Promoter Scores or NPS. Net Promoter measures customer satisfaction, represented by how well a company’s product or service meets or exceeds customer expectations. NPS is used by many organizations within diverse industries, by asking questions of customers, employees, and their sales, distribution, and supply chain partners.

A key NPS measurement is how likely customers are to recommend a product or service to others. NPS is a measure of the customers’ positive and negative experiences with a business. Depending upon how the questions are presented, the NPS can represent every aspect of a business, as an all-inclusive measurement of how customers rate a business and value its products and services. 

Simeio uses NPS to collect important information about how our products and services are valued by customers, and how well we as a company, are meeting their expectations. The NPS customer feedback survey is a valuable management tool that helps us know if our methods and services are actually working. We use customer feedback and act on it by continuously improving our products and services, our business and technology processes and workflows, and training and educating our customer and non-customer-facing employees.

Our success is attributable to customer satisfaction and retention, and a commitment to industry-leading service. We’re very proud to have earned a Net Promoter Score of 76, the highest in the IAM market. To put this into perspective, any Net Promoter Score over 50 is considered “exceptional,” with 43 being the industry average for professional services and customer service organizations.

We do this level of customer research and measurement because we take customer feedback and satisfaction seriously.