Application Onboarding

Application onboarding service that is 3X faster.

When you’re onboarding hundreds of applications each year, you cannot scale with people alone

Modernized application onboarding service simplifies the process, reduces IT team fatigue, and maximizes value and investment. Simeio is here to ensure no matter how many applications you onboard—50 or 5,000—you do it faster, smarter and with 80% less cost!

Reduce the cost of app onboarding

Reduce operational costs and increase IAM program ROI by automating application deployment with Simeio’s smart features.

Scale with leaner operations

Simeio’s distributed ownership and smart platform enables leaner resourcing, so you can operate with half the team size.

Increase IAM adoption

Overhaul business processes and approaches to increase IAM adoption with improved program maturity.

Traditional vs. Simeio App Onboarding

Apps onboarded with Simeio IO

Why Application Onboarding with Simeio?

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Cross-service, cross-technology app onboarding platform

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Centralized control with visibility into key success metrics of your IAM solutions

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Unlimited app configuration management

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Self-service for business owners

Simeio Next Gen App Onboarding Works with Top IAM Platforms

Improve the Customer Identity Management Experience with Simeio CIAM