Implement a seamless and secure identity and access management (IAM) program.

Eliminate security challenges with the right identity and access management Solution

IAM can be a complex program to manage. With the diverse range of solutions, it may be overwhelming to identity which fits your needs the best. Simeio finds that best fit solution and ensures a seamless and secured end-to-end implementation for your IAM program.

Whether your enterprise needs to be SOX compliant or you need to rapidly diagnose the underlying problem across multiple layers of IAM technologies, Simeio is here to help you navigate it all.

Identity Governance & Administration

Allow access only to appropriate users. Your users today have access to multiple devices and cloud applications. One unapproved access or a wrong identity could completely damage the brand equity of your enterprise. Are you willing to take that risk?

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Access Management and Federation

We deliver Access Management and Federation services that securely engages with users, anywhere and anytime. Our unparalleled service first approach assures that every phase of your IAM project is executed smarter, and faster with the most seamless experience.

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Privileged Access Management

Are you effectively managing your most privileged account? Not everyone needs access to everything. Simeio implements the most modern PAM tools and technologies to protect your privilege accounts from getting exposed or misused.

Customer Identity & Access Management

Is your digital transformation strategy backed with a seamless, integrated and secure CIAM program? Our managed identity services platform Simeio IO provides CIAM services that align with your CRM goals.

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Managed Identity

If your IAM program is not clearly answering these key questions, chances are your attempts to secure users is not 100% yet. Our managed identity services ensures your program is thorough and simplified so you have clear answers.

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Advisory & Assessment

Unsure of how to start or how mature your IAM program is. You don’t need to invest big until you assess! Managing over 160 MN identities, Simeio’s proven advisory approach ensures information and system security, user ease, and cost efficiency.