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By Christina Czeschik

IAM 911: How Strong Healthcare IAM Can Save Lives

Badly implemented IAM can kill you. Literally. The above statement is not just a scare tactic – it is a fact that has been proven in healthcare, sadly, many times over. The central function of IAM is to grant reliable access – for example to patient data – to those who are authorized, and to […]

By Jayne Hallock

A Very Sharey 2017: Editor’s Picks

As the Editor of Hum@n, I am constantly ‘taking the temperature’ of our readership. It’s important to me that we publish only compelling, interesting and ultimately useful content for you all. And there’s only one real way to measure what readers actually enjoy.  Counting “likes” can be an indicator but likes are easy and half the time – […]

By Jayne Hallock

Great Gartner! A Whirlwind WrapUp

Last week, The Simeio Crew descended on the 2017 Gartner IAM event, full of anticipation and excitement (and a lot of caffeine.)  Many of us attended  –  from the CEO and other executive leadership, to our industrious delivery team to our killer sales team. Even our content and social folks tagged along. And this event? Did not […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Whole Foods, Accenture & More

Extra, extra!  It’s a new edition of The Breach Report. As major breaches happen, we’ll skim for the most important data points from the most trusted resources and publish them here.  Here’s what’s happening in November… Whole Foods Breach Update: What’s Happened: You gotta watch those bells and whistles. The compromise didn’t happen in the […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Equifax & Deloitte

***Updated 10/24/207*** Is it irony, coincidence or a dark cosmic joke that some of the biggest security breaches we’ve ever seen are happening now? A.K.A. right when we’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month? We’re tempted to respond to the news of these breaches with a laundry list of advice and observations…but then we realized there’s enough […]

By Jayne Hallock

Agility & Metrics Lead to IAM Success: RSA Charge Presentation

(The following is excerpted from the description of an upcoming speaking session at RSA Charge, which will be presented by Matt Chambers – Principal, Security and Risk, Asurion, Gary Brown – Senior Manager, Global Security & Risk, Asurion  as well as Simeio’s own Project Manager and Sr. IAM Consultant Zubin Dumasia) In the real world there is always resistance to […]

By Jayne Hallock

New! “Check Your Armor” Cybersecurity eBook

Our new 12 page eBook is a great way to identify any gaps in your enterprise’s cybersecurity armor. Find out if your staff is making the “1, 2, 3, 4, Open Door” mistake and learn what is involved in 80% of security breaches… Jayne HallockWith almost 20 years of writing and editing under her belt […]

By Jayne Hallock

First, Again: Simeio Makes the RSA Archer Connection!

Have you connected your Archer today? Simeio has! We don’t mean to brag – but Simeio nabbed another “first” and we’re thrilled to be able to say so. In fact, we’re going to be presenting on this first at RSA Techfest this week! So what exactly did we accomplish? Without getting too technical, we were […]

By Jayne Hallock

Simeio Nominated as RSA’s Overall Partner of the Year!

We’re thrilled to say the words “It’s an honor to be nominated!” This month, RSA announced that Simeio Solutions has been nominated for their prestigious “Americas Partner of the Year” for 2016-2017. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we were nominated in the Overall Partner of the Year category. The winners will be announced in Orlando on September […]

Preventing Cyberattacks

By Darren Calman

Follow The Puck: The Future of Cybersecurity Challenges

Like most people I know, I always make time to read about my industry. Not only to educate myself, but to keep on top of any emerging trends that might impact my business.  I’m not a huge hockey fan, but I do like this quote from Wayne Gretzky: “I skate to where the puck is […]