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By Jayne Hallock

A Very Sharey 2017: Editor’s Picks

As the Editor of Hum@n, I am constantly ‘taking the temperature’ of our readership. It’s important to me that we publish only compelling, interesting and ultimately useful content for you all. And there’s only one real way to measure what readers actually enjoy.  Counting “likes” can be an indicator but likes are easy and half the time – […]

By Abhi Yadav

Engaging Your Customer, Part One: Improving Your CIAM Design

In traditional enterprise IAM systems, Human Resources is the usual “system of record” for our individual users. HR files and logons are how we track our employees’ data. But when it comes to tracking our customers’ data, we often use several different systems, processes, agencies and social providers. Each with authority over certain identifying attributes of the individual. This is problematic. […]