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Identity Orchestrator (IO)

Experience the next generation orchestration of all
identity-related events.

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Scalability, Convergence, & Orchestration with a Single Platform

Unify siloed IAM environments with an inclusive interface and easy-to-use dashboards.

Finally – an identity service orchestration platform that configures various IAM controls, monitors, and integrates by implementing individual IAM platforms for the vital IAM domains -AM, IGA, CIAM, and PAM. It does away with tool customization so that you don’t need to make additional investments to build identity processes for each. With the Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO), enterprises can quickly raise the need to manage the various controls across the organization to maintain the controls consistently across the IAM platforms and applications.

Business Orchestration Layer for Leading IAM Tools

Now you can support and run all your IAM tools - including legacy tools - through one automated platform with self-service capability, offering next-generation IAM service.

  • 10 Million Identities Managed on IO
  • 15,000 Applications Onboarded
  • Upto 70% Time Saved

Unparalleled interoperability with your Identity Ecosystem

If achieving a zero trust environment is your enterprise goal, Simeio IO can help support you in the journey.

Support both legacy and modern tools for enhanced security

Simeio IO provides a standard business integration layer, creating a unified set of identity processes across the enterprise. IO is designed to work with legacy identity tools and modernizes the user experience or migrate to a leading identity tool.

Self-service and business-process-driven migration

Let application owners migrate their applications from their legacy platforms to the modern service by configuring Simeio IO to your IAM tools. Our platform enables product migration with portability without disrupting end user enablement

Manage multiple tools with a single-service identity layer

Simeio helps you keep up with multiple tool nuances by delivering a standard Identity Service Layer that abstracts vendor product capabilities into Simeio IO. Enables a single interface for all IAM Services​ , allowing vendor consolidation and service expansion​.

Single-view analytics for better decision making

Scale onboarding services without growing your team. Simeio IO enables self-service for application owners, maps applications to common application security templates, and provides a dashboard with analytics for better decision making.

Revolutionize Your IAM Program with Simeio IO

Multiple offerings through one single platform
Identity Convergence

Integrate and orchestrate Identity Services through a single Identity control pane and user interface.

Modernization and Migration

Works with legacy Identity tools and modernizes the user experience, or it can migrate to a leading identity tool.

Application Onboarding

This feature integrates and provide a unified interface to onboard and manage the lifecycle of applications across multiple IAM services with leading IAM tools.


Analyzes the business, operations, and maturity metrics across the IAM domains with a view of your identities and applications within the organization.

Identity Threat Detection and Remediation

Detects and remediate all the identity controls and compliance gaps across the organization.

Identity Operations

Manages the operations of the IAM program by service desk management and standard reporting.

Simeio Identity Orchestrator is designed and developed with a single focus – to simplify the process of managing and monitoring multiple IAM tools to achieve the bigger security goals. It provides the ability for security and risk leaders to access key data and information in one single view by orchestrating all the IAM tools under one platform for better decision making.
  • Delegated Administration
  • Access Certification
  • Access Request
  • MFA
  • Privileged Check-Out
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Analytics
  • Privacy & Consent Management
  • Identity Proofing & Verification

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